What are Title Loans?

Throughout history, the movement of money in the form of loans has driven the economies of the world. The majority of people on earth need loans from time to time to keep their lives going. These loans come in many forms and amounts. It can be a non-interest loan from a friend and a billion-dollar loan form a bank to a firm. Just as with anything that involves money, loans have many controversies and models. Some of them are well known, and some known the lesser.

Most people will be familiar with going to the bank to make a loan, and they may also be aware of loan sharks that lurk in the darkness, waiting to pounce on those who find themselves lost in the dark. As most people would want to avoid loan sharks, most people would prefer going to the banks, which, of course, places a high restriction based on credit security. That is why people then often turn to Title loans, which is a form of securities lending on a smaller scale. Title loans have been around since the ’90s and have had a resilient status as one of the most utilized types of investments. Due to the point that your credit history is not the first thing that is considered by the lender first, the creditworthiness of the applicant is not taken into account when determining the right to receive a loan. Title loans are quick and can be amounts as little as $ 100.

How do Car title loans work?

Car title loans are most popular amongst people who are already in some way, finding difficulties in sustaining their lifestyles and some low-income people who often need small emergency funds. It poses a threat to the lender that defaulters may hamper the collection rate and thus threaten the business. To mitigate this threat, title loans require some form of collateral from the borrower to stand, as surety for the lender to recover their funds should the borrower default on their payments. The most common form of collateral loan is what is referred to as Car Title loans. In this type, the potential borrower must own the vehicle directly and must be willing to transfer his property, in this case, a car, to the company that offers the loan. The title and ownership of the vehicle are kept by the lender as a guarantee of profit in the event of default.

The amount that is available for borrowing can range from the finance of 100 dollars to a few thousand. These amounts can be paid back after a month that the loan was taken, or borrowers can choose to repay their loans in two installments spread out through a year. If the borrower fails to repay the car loan, the vehicle can be withdrawn by the company, which receives the car by the loan payment agreement up until the loan is paid.

Understanding the risks and benefits of Auto title loans

Taking a loan is generally a risky transaction for both the lender and the borrower, regardless of whether it’s a short-term car title loan or a long-term bank loan. The risk tot, he borrower, can range from losing assets to having a bad credit record while the risk tot he lender would be the added effort put into trying to recover outstanding loans.

When it comes to fast auto title loans, the borrower is taking the risk of losing their car and, therefore, their means of transportation. It is especially prevalent amongst people who take loans to sustain current debt or those who have no plans for future income.

The benefit for borrowers is the ease in which they can become eligible for secured loans that may help them to remove themselves from troublesome situations. As previously stated, title loans cover the lender’s risk by allowing the company to be able to recover its funds through the sale of the asset that was offered as collateral.

Online title loans

As a nature of money, much emphasis is placed on the regulation of lenders. Trade and consumer commissions protect borrowers, and in some cases, these forms of loans are banned in certain places.

The online market that sometimes has no limitations often overcomes these forms of restrictions. Now borrowers can access car title loans entirely online without leaving their house.

Car title loans online can be a quick way of getting cash into your hands as it usually carries very minimal checks.

Typical steps that are followed to complete online title car loans are as follows:

  1. You will need to fill an online application form from the service provider. This application form may differ from provider to provider and, therefore, will not be generic. The type of information required, however, may be similar, such as your full names, date of birth, residential address, and employment status.
  2. Once the application form is filled, you will be required to upload some documents detailing your personal information. These will be things such as your proof of address, proof of income, and your identification documents.
  3. Your application will be processed, and the lender will appraise your car.
  4. As soon as the application is approved, you will be given a contract that includes the terms and conditions. At this stage, you will have to hand over your car or motorcycle title.
  5. Some lenders will take steps to make sure that they will be able to receive their monies back by installing hardware into your car that can track it.
  6. Receive the money.

Automobile Title loan costs can often be high and may deter some people from considering them. Some car motorcycle Title loan lenders require substantial interest payments when giving out a loan and require repayment on a specified schedule. As an example, if you are looking to borrow $ 1,000 with 25% interest, you will need to pay back a cost total of $ 1 250 to redeem your car title. Therefore it can be expensive to take out this kind of loan.

Best Title loans

A car title loan is based on a percentage of the value of your car. You do not give the total amount, but a rate that is decided by bank credit — usually between 50 and 55 percent of the value of your car. If you cannot pay your loan, the lender has the right to take your vehicle and sell it. In most cases, the lender will keep any profits made on the car, plus all the money you have paid towards the loan. Potentially, you can spend thousands back on your investment and lose your car anyway.

Some lenders, however, may have a structure that allows you further extensions on your defaults, and some will only keep your car without selling it off up until the time that you meet your obligations. These loose knots do, however, often carry additional fees in the form of penalties. It then can substantially increase the amount of money that you have to pay back.

It is also essential for the consumer to be aware of whether the loan agreement stipulates anything on balloon payments and whether these are part of the repayment requirements, even when making a small loan. Many people fall into the trap of not being aware of this detail and at some point, will be required to make a large payment, failing which, will cause them to have to renew the loan without receiving additional cash.

It is, therefore, essential to take due diligence in selecting a provider that offers better title loans available for you.

Frequently asked Questions

1. When do they take my car?

When taking easy title loans, many people think that they have to give in their car when they receive the loan immediately. It is false because your car only gets taken when you have breached your payment obligations.

2. How much can I borrow?

Generally, title loans can be small cash, for example, $ 100, but these are usually loans that require other forms of collateral. Car title loans, however, can go into the thousands depending on the current value of your car. Typically an investment can go from 30% to as far as 55% of the value of your vehicle.

3. What is the downside of title loans?

Title loans can attract people with cash needs, credit problems, or financial difficulties who need money for an emergency. Despite this type of loan being a potential respite, title loans are very expensive when it comes to interest. A high-interest fee can turn into a financial treadmill in which the borrower is unable to repay the principal loan.

4. Can I get car title loans entirely online?

Though this only accounts for about 30% percent of the market, the simple answer is yes.

5. Do I need to be employed to qualify?

You don’t need to be employed to qualify for a title secured loan. You will, however, need to be able to prove that the car you are offering as you solely own collateral. In some instances, you will also be required to provide some proof that you will be able to repay the loan. It can be proof of funds entering your bank account for at least three consecutive months.

6. When do I get my title back?

When you have made all the payments that are due to the provider, the contract ipso facto ceases. Thus the lender is obliged to return the title back to you. Once your claim has been received, there is no limit to how many times you can repeat this process.


Title loans are designed for people who need money for important matters and emergencies. It was not designed to be a long-term loan that takes time to release its clutches on its victim. They are a quick and easy way to acquire funds in little minutes, especially for people who may find it cumbersome to get a loan from banks.

These types of loans typically disregard your credit score and in turn, do not affect your credit score. It may be a disadvantage to someone who considers herself to be a good debtor, as this will not work to better his or her credit score. It is an advantage for the many people who have a bad credit score and to those who may have assets and choose to use them as collateral to acquire more assets.

Companies who take extra care in ensuring that you understand the terms and conditions usually offer the best title loans. They will also have the most competitive rates while being able to maintain a dignified service.

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